How do I create an inspection checklist?

In Clean Smarts, by default, the checklists you create for cleaners and attach to a location are the same checklists that your inspectors use for inspections. If you've set up your cleaning checklists, you've already set up your inspections! You can start and complete inspections from the Clean Smarts mobile app if you have the Inspections module.

We believe that having your cleaners' checklist match the inspectors' checklist means there's no confusion between how cleaners are evaluated and what they are expected to do, but we know this may not work for everyone. To make tasks that only appear in the inspection OR only appear in the cleaner checklist, you change a setting at the task level. In the web app, when creating or editing a task select the option "Inspection only" to hide it from the cleaners' view, as shown in the screenshot below.

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