How do I create checklists?

Checklists help your cleaners know what they need to do when they get to the work site. In Clean Smarts, you only have to create a checklist once, and then you can "attach" it to any location. This saves you lots of time when you want to, say, add a new task to your Bathroom checklist — the new task will appear automatically for all locations that have that checklist!

Clean Smarts has a very flexible task system. You can create tasks that appear only on certain days, you can designate whether a task should be part of an inspection, and you can hide or show certain tasks for certain locations.

Create a checklist

  1. If you have the Checklist (Company) module, go to Inspections and Tasks > Manage Checklists.
  2. Click on the "Add New" button.

  1. The new checklist will appear in the list. Click the "edit" button to add tasks to your checklist.

  1. To add tasks, click the "Add Task" button in the window that pops up, and do the following:

a. Type a description of the task. This will be translated into the user's preferred language automatically. Nice!

b. Select whether this is a task that only cleaners see, only inspectors see, or one that both cleaners and inspectors will see. The advantage of selecting "Both" is that inspector feedback and pictures will appear in cleaners' daily task list.

c. Set the frequency that this task should appear. Is this done daily, every other day, or weekly? Click here for more detailed instructions regarding frequency.

d. You can choose your own inspection scoring method for this task or leave it as the default.

e. Click Submit to save it.

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