How do I create custom scoring for inspection tasks?

Clean Smarts allows you to create custom scoring schemes for inspections that can vary by task. Some parts of your quality evaluations may be pass/fail. Other items might be rated on a 5- or 10-point scale. You might want to weigh more important items with a higher possible score. Our custom scoring feature means you can craft evaluations that are perfect for your business. First, you will need to create a custom scoring template. Then, you'll want to assign this template as you create or modify the tasks in your checklists.

Creating a Scoring Template

  1. Go to Inspections and Tasks > Manage Checklists
  2. Under Inspection Scoring Templates, click "Add New". Alternatively, modify an existing scoring template by selecting "Edit" in the dropdown. 

  3. Create a name for this template, it should describe the scoring scheme. For example, "Pass/Fail", "Hospital 10-points Possible", "Letter grade: A, B, C, D, F".

    10-point scale example:

  4. Set the maximum score for this template. This is the amount that will be the denominator when calculating the percentage evaluation for tasks using this template.
  5. Click "Update Description/Max Score" to set the changes made in previous steps.
  6. Click "Add Scoring Entry" or select "Edit" from the action dropdown to modify a scoring entry. A scoring entry is a possible score for this template.

  7. Add a label and a value for this scoring entry.
Note: You can make the scoring entry a does-not-apply ("N/A") option by typing a negative value for the scoring entry. You might consider making this option grey or black or some other neutral color to indicate that this option makes the score not applicable. When an inspector marks an item as "N/A", no score is recorded for that task and the max score is not included in the denominator for the overall inspection score.

Also note: At least one scoring entry should have the same value as the maximum score for the template. Otherwise, it would be impossible to give a 100 percent score for the task!

  1. Select a color. Inspection results will be marked with this color, and it's also the color of the button in the mobile app that inspectors will see when doing an inspection.
  2. Save the entry by clicking Submit.

Once you have created an inspection template you can select it when adding tasks.

Select the Scoring Template When Editing a Task

  1. Go to Inspections and Tasks > Manage Checklists and select "Edit" from the drop-down next to the checklist you want to modify.
  2. Select "Edit" from the drop-down next to the task you want to change the scoring for.
  3. Select a scoring template from the drop-down box.
  4. Click "Submit" to save the changes.

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