How do I add checklists to locations?

Once you've created a checklist, you can add it to multiple locations, kind of like a template. This has the advantage of allowing you to make just one "master" checklist; if you modify the master checklist, the change will affect all locations that have that checklist.

Managing location checklists

  1. Go to Admin > Manage Locations.
  2. Find the location where you want to attach the checklist and select "Manage Checklists" in the Actions drop-down.
  3. Click in the box under "Select task lists" to see all of your checklists. Click on a checklist to add it (or hold Ctrl and click to select multiple checklists at once).
  4. The checklist will appear in a table. You can reorder checklists by dragging and dropping them. This order is how they will appear on cleaner's daily task list in the mobile app.
  5. If there are tasks in your checklist that don't apply to the location, click the "Task Visibility" button. Another pop-up window will open where you can set which tasks will be hidden for this location.
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