How do I add items or tasks to an inspection that I do not want the cleaner to see on his or her checklist?

In Clean Smarts, the checklist of tasks you attach to a location is the same checklist that inspectors use as they perform their inspections. This is by design: we believe that having your cleaners' tasks correspond with inspectors' evaluations means there's better accountability. However, you might want to capture information that may only be relevant to the inspection or you might want inspection items that are more detailed than what you provide in your checklist to cleaners. The opposite may be true as well—you may want to add tasks to your cleaner's checklist that do not apply to the inspection.
For these cases, you can set the visibility setting of the task so that it's shown only on the cleaning checklist or only in the inspection.
  1. Go to Inspections and Tasks and then Manage Checklists in the web app menu.
  2. Find the checklist with the task you want to modify and select "Edit" in the Actions drop-down box.

  3. Find the task you want to modify and select "Edit" in the Actions drop-down box.

  4. The task settings will appear. Under "Visible in tasks and in inspections", select "Cleaner only", "Both", or "Inspection only". Click Submit to save the change.

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