How can I remind cleaners to check restrooms or other areas at regular intervals?

You can set push notification reminders for your cleaners to clean certain areas periodically during their shifts. This is particularly helpful for areas that need frequent attention, such as restrooms. Reminders are set up as part of a sublocation. Push notifications require cleaners to download the mobile app and have notifications enabled for the Clean Smarts app.

Note: this feature is available to Expert tier customers only.

How to create a reminder

  1. Go to Admin > Manage Locations and click on the pencil icon of the location where you would like to set up reminders.
  2. Make sure that the checkbox marked "Click here if you need to add sublocations to this location" is marked.
  3. Scroll down to the "Organization" section. If you have not created any sublocations, create them here. (See related article). Click the grey plus sign next to the sublocation or area for which you would like cleaners to receive reminders to visit and clean.
  4. A window will pop-up that will allow you to create a new reminder. You may create a different reminder for different shifts. You cannot set more than one reminder for a shift or more than one reminder that would apply to all shifts.
  5. Select the reminder interval for how often you would like notifications to be sent to your cleaners' phones.

How do I know a cleaner responded to the reminder?

The push notification the cleaner receives reminds them to clean and scan the barcode associated with that sublocation. You can view all sublocation barcode scan events in the Inspections and Tasks > Completed Tasks and Scans report, which is available on the web.


If you cleaner is not receiving reminders, please double check the following:

  • Notifications are enabled for the user's phone (see the related article).
  • The cleaner is currently working. Reminders are only sent to users while they are clocked in.
  • The cleaner is working within the scheduled start and end times of the shift. Reminders are only sent within those hours.
  • The cleaner is checking in from his or her shift schedule. If your cleaners are checking in via the List or Locations view, the system may not have associated their time with a shift.
  • The cleaner is checking into a shift that has a reminder tied to it or has a reminder that is designated with "Applies to all shifts".
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