Why am I seeing times that are off by a certain number of hours?


When I pull up an issue, message, or check-in entry, the timestamp seems to have the correct minutes but the hour is off. What's wrong?


This is almost certainly due to an adjustment by our system for the local timezone. When you create a location in Clean Smarts, we look up the timezone that the location belongs to based on the address provided, and any actions relating to that location are presented in the location's local time. Sometimes the street address isn't interpreted correctly and your location can be mistakenly placed in the wrong timezone. While the timezone itself can't be modified from the web portal, you can change the location's geographical location by following these steps after logging into the web portal, which will then update the timezone automatically.

  1. Go to Admin > Manage Locations.
  2. Click on the pencil icon of the location that has the incorrect timestamps.
  3. You can either move the red map cursor of the location in the map window, or you may change the street address if it was entered incorrectly or doesn't contain enough detail for the address-lookup service.
  4. Save the location.
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