How do I integrate with QuickBooks Desktop using Web Connector?

You can import time tracking data into QuickBooks using QuickBooks web connector. Any approved hours will be imported into QuickBooks when you open the Web Connector from QuickBooks Desktop and update your connection to Clean Smarts.

In order to successfully import a time record, the following criteria need to be met:

  • The combined first name and last name in Clean Smarts should exactly match the full name of the employee profile in QuickBooks.
  • The location description in Clean Smarts should exactly match the customer name in QuickBooks where the time should be recorded.
  • The time record must be approved. Only approved hours are imported into QuickBooks.

First, follow these steps (these only need to be done once):

  1. In Clean Smarts:
    1. Go to Admin > Company Settings and select "QuickBook Desktop (Web Connector)".
    2. Copy the QuickBooks Web Connector Password by highlighting it and hitting ctrl + C.
    3. Click "Click here to download" and download the Clean Smarts .qwc file.
    4. Click "Submit" at the bottom of the Company Settings page to save your settings.
  2. In QuickBooks Desktop
    1. Go to File > Update Web Services
    2. Click "Add an Application" button in the bottom right of the pop-up and select the .qwc file.
    3. Click "Yes" when the prompt says "Clean Smarts's support URL could not be reached"
    4. Click "Yes" when the prompt says "Authorize New Web Service".
    5. Paste the password into the password field.

Next, follow the steps below (these need to be done each payroll period):

  1. In Clean Smarts
    1. Go to Time Tracking > Approve Hours.
    2. Review each employee's timecard by clicking "View and Approve" and then clicking "Approve" near the bottom-right corner of the pop-up if the hours are correct.
  2. In QuickBooks Desktop.
    1. Within QuickBooks, go to File > Update Web Services.
    2. Select the box next to Clean Smarts and click "Update Selected." QuickBooks will attempt to import any approved hours from the prior pay period. Go to Admin > Integration log in Clean Smarts to view any messages after you run the data sync.
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