How do I add a task that applies to only one (or a few) locations?

First, a bit of background

In Clean Smarts, we group tasks into checklists. Checklists are then attached to locations. We recommend that you keep as few lists as possible for several reasons:

  1. First, using universal checklists allows you to view your inspection quality score trends by checklist. With our software, it's easy to see whether your bathroom cleanliness scores, for example, are going up or down over time by selecting your "Bathroom" checklist on the Trends dashboard. It would be tougher to compare inspection scores across your entire organization if you had "Bathroom A", "Bathroom B", "Bathroom - Large", "Bathroom - Small", etc.
  2. Second, keeping the number of lists to as few as possible makes it easier to select what you want for the Completed Tasks and Scans report.
  3. Lastly, if you need to clarify how to perform a task, it would be easier to change the description of the task in one place rather than on several similar lists.

However, keeping lists to as few as possible does present a challenge when you need to add new tasks to a list. Here's a scenario that this article will help you address: say you have a "Kitchen" cleaning checklist. You win a new client with a kitchen facility that has a large oven. You don't have a task for "Clean the oven interior" on your existing checklist. You want to keep a single "Kitchen" checklist, but this task will only apply to this new client, for now. The following steps show you how to address this scenario.

How to add a task that should be "hidden" or disabled, by default, for all locations

When you create a task, you can designate that it will be hidden by default, this does two things. First, when you create the new task, this task will be hidden for all locations where the checklist is already attached (this means you don't have to go one-by-one to each location and turn it off!). Second, when you attach the checklist to a new location, the task will be automatically hidden.

  1. Go to Inspections & Tasks > Manage Checklists on the web menu.
  2. Select "Edit" from the Action dropdown for the checklist where you will be adding a new task. The "Edit Tasks" window will open.
  3. Click the "Add Task" button and enter the task details.
  4. Under "Visible or hidden by default?", select "Hidden by default".

How to hide a task for multiple locations at once

You might also have a situation where you  created a task that should have been hidden by default, but you accidentally marked it as "Visible by default". Oops, now it's marked as visible for every attached location. Not to worry! You can update the visibility of any task across all locations easily.

  1. Go to Inspections & Tasks > Manage Checklists on the web menu.
  2. Select "Edit" from the Action dropdown for the checklist where you will be adding a new task. The "Edit Tasks" window will open.
  3. Select "Bath Location Visibility" under the Action dropdown for the task in question.

  4. Select locations from the left-hand list and click the right-chevron to move selected items over. Or you can click the double chevrons to move locations back and forth between the two lists. The left-hand list are locations where the task is visible/enabled. The right-hand list are locations where the task is hidden/disabled. You can also type in the search box above the lists to filter.

  5. Click "Save" to save the changes.
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