How do I forward an internal service request or issue to a customer?

Issues that you or your team create are regarded as internal issues, and they will not appear in your customer's list of issues (they see them as "service requests") on either the web or mobile app. You may, however, want to show your customer something that your team identified, reported, and took care of. It's a great way to build trust! Here is how you forward, or more accurately, flag, an internal issue as viewable by your customer.

Note: the ability to make internal issues visible to the customer requires the Issue (Company) module. Users who typically have only the Issue (Cleaner) module will be able to view internal issues but will not be able to make internal issues visible to the customer as described below.

On the web app

  1. Click Issues > View Open (or Closed) Issues
  2. Click the pencil icon.

  3. Click "Make Visible to Customer". If the customer has Updated Issues enabled in their user notification settings, they will receive a notification of the issue.

On the mobile app

  1. Go to the More tab, click on "Issues" and select the location with the service request.

  2. Select the issue you want to make visible to the customer.

  3. Tap "Make issue visible to customer".

  4. Tap "Edit issue" to save the change.

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