How do I fulfill supply requests?

You fulfill supply requests from the mobile app. Your user profile needs to have one of the Supplies module in order to fulfill supply requests. If you can see the "See Supply Requests / Change Quantities" menu item, you have the Supplies module enabled. Follow these steps:

  1. Log into the mobile app and click "See Supply Requests / Change Quantities" from the left-hand menu.
  2. Select the location that has the open supply request.
  3. Click on the supply request you want to fulfill.
  4. Click the "+" (plus) button for each item that was delivered and which you are stocking.
  5. If the order was fulfilled completely, tap the slider to set the order to "Fulfilled". If the order was only partially fulfilled and you are waiting on another delivery, leave the slider on "Open" and click Submit. When the rest of the items are delivered, you can go back to this supply request, fulfill the rest of the items, and mark the order as fulfilled.
  6. Tap "Submit".
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