Why am I seeing time detail for users that don't work at my location?

If you're a supervisor, when you view time detail in either the Approve Hours or View Time Detail screens, you'll see information for either of these groups of people:

  • People that have been assigned to a shift at that location and who are expected to report time.
  • People that have reported time to that location (whether or not they have been assigned to a shift there).

You might ask, "how can someone report time to a location if they aren't assigned here?" There are a couple of situations when this can happen. First, any manager in your company can record time spent at any location by going to the Locations screen of the mobile app and checking in. Second, it's possible for any non-customer user in your organization to log time at a location if they call from a telephone number that is associated with that location.

If you time recorded to your location that should not be there, you can tell someone at your company with administrative access to remove the phone number that was improperly added to your location. If you need to have time sheet records moved to another location, send a support ticket—we can do batch updates to your time sheets to fix any errors.

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