How do I add supplies to a location?

Supplies are added from your master supply catalog to each location where you want to track supplies. If you haven't added any yet to your catalog, go to "Products and Services" > "Manage Supplies" and add the items and brands your company uses from the "Add New" button in the top left.

From Manage Locations

  1. Go to Admin > Manage Locations
  2. Find the location where you want to add supplies, and in the Action dropdown column select "Manage Supplies".

  3. To add a new supply, click in the "Select Supplies" box near the top of the screen. To remove a supply, click on the "X" next to a supply that's already listed in the "Select Supplies" box.

  4. When you add a new supply, it will appear in the list of supplies below with a picture and the Minimum and Order-to (also known as maximum or par) levels. You can edit these numbers to manage how many of each supply you want to have on hand. When a user sets the current stock levels in the mobile app under "See Supply Requests/Change Quantities" it will ask if the user would like to create a supply request to meet the order-to quantity. The requested quantity is calculated thus: the current level plus unfulfilled quantities on existing requests minus the minimum stock level.
  5. Click "Close".

Adding Supplies to Multiple Locations at Once

You can also add supplies to multiple locations at once from the Manage Supplies screen.

  1. Go to Supplies > Manage Supplies
  2. Under the right-most column, the Action column, select the dropdown next to the supply you want to assign to multiple locations and select "Batch Supply Assignment"

  3. Select the locations on the left-hand list that you want to assign the supply to and click the single right arrow. You can hold the Shift or Ctrl button on your keyboard to select multiple locations at once

  4. Click "Save"
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