How do I create a one-off job?

Jobs help you schedule time in your employee's day for tasks that don't happen on a regular basis: window cleaning, flooring, seasonal maintenance. With jobs, you can have the job appear just one time, or you can set it to recur daily, weekly, or monthly for some period of time. Users can see tasks and track time just like with shift work when they clock in. On the user schedule, the only difference is that jobs appear with a toolbox icon to indicate that it's a one-off job.

  1. Go to Scheduling > Calendar View.

  2. Click on an open space in your calendar to create a new job. The job details window will appear.
  3. Add job details and set the location.
  4. Set whether the job should recur, how often, and when the expected start- and stop-times of the job.
  5. Add users that should be assigned to the job. The users that appear in this list are any users that have access to the job location.

  6. You have to save the job before you can add checklists. Add one or more checklists to the job so the job worker knows what to do.
  7. Finalize by clicking Save and close.
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