Why is my employee getting an out-of-bounds error when he or she is actually on-site?


Clean Smarts has an optional feature that prevents users from clocking in or out if they are too far away from the site they are supposed to be working at. An account administrator sets this distance in the Company Settings page of the web portal. If an employee's GPS reading is further away from the location than the distance setting, they will get an error saying that they cannot check in or out because they are not on site.


There are two causes for this problem. The first is that the distance that has been set is too short, since GPS readings from devices can sometimes give inaccurate readings. The second common cause is that the position of the facility in the system is incorrect (perhaps due to a misspelled address).

How to change the out-of-bounds distance:

  1. As an administrator, log into the web portal.
  2. Go to Admin > Company Settings.
  3. Under Timekeeping > "Prevent Employees from Checking In Out-of-bounds (Enter acceptable distance in miles.)", make sure the value is at least .25 miles. If not, change the value and click "Submit Changes".

The company-wide setting can be overridden location-by-location. This is helpful when you find this clock-in problem keeps happening at the same site or with the same personnel:

  1. Go to Admin > Manage Locations
  2. Click the pencil icon to open the location details
  3. Under "Geofence", change the settings to override the company default, and set the out-of-bounds distance to something a bit longer. If you have an employee on-site while you are making this change, have him or her try to clock in as you progressively set the location distance longer and longer (saving the settings each time) until they can clock in.

How to check the location position:

  1. As an administrator, log into the web portal.
  2. Go to Admin > Manage Locations.
  3. Click on the pencil icon for the location that you want to check.
  4. Check the red pin on the map. If it is incorrect, you can click and drag the pin to the correct location.
  5. Save the location settings.

Note: If you change the location's address, Clean Smarts will update the pin based on an address lookup and override the manual change you made by dragging the location's pin.

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