How do I automatically add break time to a shift?

Clean Smarts gives you a lot of flexibility to automatically remove break- or meal-time or add driving time to an employee's time. These adjustments can be customized for each shift. For example, you can have a 30-minute break automatically deducted from an employee's time after they've been on the clock for at least 5 hours. This adjustment happens automatically when the employee clocks out.

Steps to modify adjustments

You can modify the shift adjustment settings if you have access to the Organization module.

  1. Go to Admin > Manage Locations.
  2. Click on the pencil icon for the location with the shift you want to add an adjustment to.
  3. Click "Add Adjustment" under an existing shift, which is under Shift Information.

  4. Add a description for the adjustment ("Lunch", "break", "drive time").
  5. Select whether time should be subtracted or added to the employee's time and how many hours or minutes to add or subtract in hour:minute format ("0:30" is thirty minutes, for example).
  6. Enter the duration that the employee has to be clocked in before the adjustment is made. For example, "6:00" means that the time adjustment will only be applied when an employee logs at least 6 hours on that shift.

  1. Save the location settings.
You can see the gross and adjusted times in the Time Tracking > Approve Hours or View Time Details reports. Workweek and workday totals reflect employees' time  after adjustment.
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