Why am I getting a no-show alert for an employee that is clocked in?

The employee may have checked in too early or too late.

Clean Smarts associates check-ins with shift assignments as long as the employee clocks in within eight hours of the shift start time or within eight hours after the shift is scheduled to end. If the employee is clocking in outside of that timeframe, the time will not be attributed to their shift.

For example, if a shift is scheduled from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, and the employee clocks in at 8:00 am, that check-in is too early to be counted for the shift.

You can solve this problem by either having the employee clock in closer to the scheduled shift time or moving the shift to cover the time the cleaner usually works.

The employee's app may be offline.

If you are certain that an employee is clocked in and his or her timer is running, you may still get a no-show alert if the employee's phone has not had a connection to network data and clocked in while offline. In this scenario, Clean Smarts allows employees to clock in and out without signal so that they record their time and still perform their duties on their checklists. If their clock-in information has not had a chance to sync with our servers, no-show alerts will be sent.

Employees can confirm that they have offline data that needs to be synced by going to the Home screen on the mobile app and looking for a blue banner at the top. To sync data, just reconnect to Wi-Fi or a cellular network. The app detects changes in connection and will upload the data automatically.

A banner at the top of the Home screen indicates there is offline data (such as a check-in) that needs to be synced.
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