Why are my checklists not appearing?

Please follow the steps below to solve common configuration issues related to checklists.

You may not have attached a checklist to the location.

Once you create a checklist, you must "attach" the checklist to a location in order for cleaners at that location to see the checklist for their shift work.

You may be scheduling jobs instead of shifts.

In Clean Smarts, jobs have their own checklists. If you clock into a job that has not been set up with a checklist, no tasks will appear under the "Checklist" tab in the mobile app. You can add checklists to jobs by opening the job in the web app from the Calendar View or Manage Jobs and selecting one or more checklists under the "Tasks" section:

Check that the tasks on the checklist are set to "Daily" or that you have correctly set up task recurrence.

In Clean Smarts, in addition to having shifts that may have a recurrence pattern (like cleaning on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), tasks, too, can be set up to have a recurrence pattern. This allows you to set up tasks that may need to be done weekly or monthly.

For instance, you might want dusting in a particular location to be done weekly, but Site A is cleaned Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and Site B is cleaned Tuesday and Thursday. Instead of creating different checklists and tasks for these two sites, you can use just one task and set it to recur weekly on the 1st or 2nd shift. If dusting is set to recur on the 2nd shift, your cleaner will see the dusting task when they clock in on Wednesday for Site A and on Thursday for Site B.

While this is a powerful feature that can simplify how many tasks and checklists you need to create and use, it can also cause confusion. Sometimes we see users set up task recurrence as though they are setting up when the shift is set to occur. For instance, let's use Site A that is cleaned Monday, Wednesday, and Friday again as an example. If you change all of Site A's tasks to recur weekly on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, everything will work fine until you need to move a Friday appointment to a Thursday. When the cleaner clocks in on Thursday, your tasks are only set to appear on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so no tasks will appear. To fix this, you should set all of your tasks to "Daily", so that regardless of which days get scheduled for cleaning, the tasks will always appear.

Please reach out to support through this help portal if you need any assistance with setting up your checklists. We're happy to help!

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