How do I track job progress?

Clean Smarts allows you to create custom job statuses that will help you follow through with job completion and billing. You can create any kind of progress label that you wish, but a common job status workflow would include statuses such as the following:

  • "Draft"
  • "Approved"
  • "Scheduled"
  • "In Progress"
  • "Completed"
  • "Invoiced"
  • "Paid"

You can select a color that corresponds to the status as well as set certain triggers that will automatically change the job status based on user interaction.

How to create custom job statuses

  1. In the web app, go to Admin > Company Settings
  2. Navigate to the "Jobs" section, and next to "Custom Job Statuses", click "Add Job Status"
  3. Add a description of the job status (see suggested status descriptions above)
  4. Select a color of the status, which will appear under the Manage Jobs report.
  5. Optionally, select whether this job status will be set by a trigger. There are four possible triggers:
    • Set job to this status when job is created
    • Set job to this status when draft (quote or estimate) is sent to the customer
    • Set job to this status when customer approves the draft
    • Set job to this status when the invoice is sent
  6. Mark whether this job status is considered a "closed" status. This impacts whether the job is considered open or closed when displaying the job in the mobile app. Typically, you would select this for any statuses where all of the field work is considered complete: "completed", "invoiced", or "paid".
  7. Mark whether this job can be selected as an option in the mobile app. This checkmark allows you to restrict which kinds of status updates can be made in the field from the mobile app. You may want to deselect this option for statuses related to approval or billing, leaving statuses such as "scheduled", "in-progress", or "completed" the only changeable statuses in the field. It's up to you!

Form to create or edit a job status.

Updating job status

Now that you've created custom job statuses, these will appear as options within the mobile app. Users who have the Jobs (Edit) module permission can update job statuses in the field, and administrators can see the breakdown of job by status within the web app, taking the necessary action to move jobs along the status workflow.

Users in the field can change the job status
Jobs are categorized as open or closed in the mobile app so that open jobs can easily be seen and action taken.
The Manage Jobs screen allows you to sort and filter jobs by status, so different people within your organization can take different actions on jobs depending on the jobs' status.
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