How do I create an asset?

For creating assets, you first need to set Asset Types on the account. For this, go to Admin > Company Settings > Assets and click on 'Add Asset Type'. Once you have those set up, you can go ahead and create assets, there are two ways for this:


Navigate to Admin > Manage Locations, and select a location to edit. Towards the bottom you'll find the Organization and the button showing "+ Add Asset" in orange.

*To see the Organization section, you first need to go to the top of the Modify Location screen and mark the checkbox at the top that says: "Click here if you need to add sublocations to this location"

Select the Asset Type

Navigate to Assets > Asset Register: Towards the bottom you should see the new asset you've created. Click the green "Details" button.

Inside the Details tab, continue to enter any requisite information for your asset including attaching a PDF of the instruction manual.


Navigate to My Jobs, select a location, and tap Assets on the top tab.

Select the type of asset you'd like to edit or create. Click the blue plus button in the bottom right to create a new asset, select the asset from the list to edit it.

Continue to enter any requisite information for you asset including attaching files (PDF of instruction manual or other files).

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