How does billing work?

Clean Smarts billing is based on the number of non-customer user profiles you have in the system.

At the beginning of each month, your invoice will include a charge for that month based on the per-user rate and number of users you have in the system (which does not include customer or archived user accounts). Your invoice will also include any prorated adjustments from the prior month if you changed the number of users over the course of the month.

Here's an example. Let's say you have 15 users on May 1. If your selected package has a base price of $125 for 10 users and $6 for each additional user, you'll see these as the last two line items on your invoice:

  • Base fee for 10 users: $125
  • Additional users: $30 (5 x $6 per user)

Let's say also that on April 16 you had added two users to your account. Your May invoice would then also include two line items to account for the half-month use of two user seats on the system, a credit for the number you had (13 users) and the charge for the new number of users (15) for the second half of the month. The pair of these adjustments, taken together, is the pro-rated fee for the additional two users, which in this case is $3 for the 15 days from April 16 through April 30 for each of the two users:

  • Remaining time on 15 × Per User after 16 Apr: $45 (15 x $3)
  • Unused time on 13 × Per User after 16 Apr: -$39 [credit] (13 x $3)

The invoice total in this case would be $161, which consists of $155 for the upcoming month and $6 for adjustments related to the prior month.

Even though frequent adjustments to your user account can create many adjustment line items, these adjustments ensure that you're only ever being charged for the users you add to the system. You never pay the full month for a user that only had an account in the system for a partial month. The same rules apply when you archive users -- the time after which the user is archived, which you paid for on last month's bill -- will be credited on your next bill.

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