How do I download time data for Asure or Evolution payroll?

Clean Smarts is capable of exporting timesheet data into a format that can be uploaded into Asure (formerly Evolution) payroll systems.

Enable the Integration

  1. First, go to Admin > Company Settings. Scroll down to Payroll Integration and select "Asure/Evolution".
  2. Click "Submit Changes" at the bottom of the screen to save your settings.

Setting Employee Numbers

Asure employee numbers and department codes must be defined in Clean Smarts, and these are exported in the Asure report.

  1. To add an employee number to a Clean Smarts user, go to Manage Users > pencil icon for each user.
  2. Enter the Asure employee number in the "External Payroll ID" field.
  3. Save the user profile.

Setting Department Codes

  1. To add a department code to a location, go to Manage Locations > pencil icon for each location.
  2. Enter the department code in the "External Payroll ID" field.
  3. Save the location.

Exporting Data

  1. To export data, go to Time Tracking > Approve Hours.
  2. Click on the button in the top-right of the screen labeled "Asure/Evolution"

Data from Clean Smarts is mapped to a .csv file in the following manner, by column:

  1. Empl #: User's employee code, as entered in the "External Payroll ID" field.
  2. Name: User's first and last names, concatenated.
  3. Override Dept: Location's department code (location associated with the check in), as entered in the "External Payroll ID" field.
  4. Job: Not used.
  5. Shift: Not used.
  6. D/E/R: Will always be "E".
  7. Earn Code: If the check in has a pay code, this will be the pay code description. Otherwise "01" for regular time and "02" for overtime.
  8. Rate: User's pay rate.
  9. Hours: Duration of the check in, in hours.
  10. Year: Year of the check in.
  11. Month: Month of the check in.
  12. Day: Day of the check in.
  13. Hour: Not used.
  14. Minute: Not used.
  15. Amount: Not used.
  16. Seq Number: Not used.
  17. Override Division: Not used.
  18. Override Branch: Not used.
  19. Override State: Not used.
  20. Override Local: Not used.
  21. Blank Fill: Not used.
  22. Deduction 3 hours: Not used.
  23. Deduction 3 amount: Not used.
  24. SSN: Not used.
  25. Workers’ Compensation: Not used.
  26. Rate Number: Not used.
  27. Punch In: Formatted check in time.
  28. Punch Out: Formatted check out time.
  29. Override Team: Not used.
  30. Check Comments: Not used.
  31. Line Item End Date Year: Not used.
  32. Line Item End Date Month: Not used.
  33. Line Item End Date Day: Not used.
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