Why is a check-in missing from my employee's timesheet?

When an employee reports that he or she clocked in and out, but you do not see any record of their time in their timesheet or in the web app reports, the most likely explanation is that the server couldn't be reached at the time he or she clocked in, and the time needs to be synced with the server. Offline operation is a mode that is enabled by default but can be disabled in Company Settings (and overridden for an individual location under Manage Locations). Offline mode allows employees to punch in while disconnected from the network and sync their data later when the connection is restored.

How data syncing works

When an employee's data connection is restored, if the app is open, the app will automatically send saved data to the server.

If the app goes into background mode before the connection is restored (i.e. the phone screen is off), the user will need to open the app and manually sync by opening the menu and tapping on the offline/online status link at the top. Any cached time will appear as an entry under "Check-in Events". To send the data to the server, the user will tap the “Sync data” button (see screenshots below).

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