How should I set up my locations?

This article will help you organize the facilities that you service in a way that will make reporting more insightful.

Step 1: Set up the top-level location

  1. Go to Admin > Manage Locations > Add New. The location you are creating will be the "top level" of your organization.
  2. Give the new location a description that is the same as your company name: "Cleaning Company LLC"
  3. Leave the other settings as they are and save the location. ("Select Parent Location" should be "No Parent". "Click here if this is a service location" should be left unchecked.)

The location you just created is the top-level location for your company. All other locations you create will be underneath this location. Setting up locations in this way will allow you to view issues, hours, and other aspects of your operations for your entire company!

Step 2: Set up region or account groups

You can create organizational groups beneath your top-level location to divide your operations into regions or account groups.

  1. Go to Admin > Manage Locations > Add New.
  2. Give the new location a description of a region or account that you service, e.g. "South Springfield" or "Business Park"
  3. Change the "Select Parent Location" drop-down to the top-level location you created in the steps above. Leave the "Click here if this is a service location" box unchecked.

You can now create locations and set the parent of those locations to be a region or account group.

Use region- or account-level groupings to limit what a manager can see. By giving a manager access to a group, they can see all locations assigned as children of that location. If locations are added are removed underneath the group, you don't have to worry about adding or removing the manager to those locations.
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