How do I export timesheet data in ADP format?

You can export your time and attendance detail to a format that is ready to upload into ADP Workforce Now.

Selecting ADP as your payroll system

  1. Go into Admin > Company Settings and scroll down to Payroll Integration
  2. Select the ADP option.
  3. Enter your Company Code.
  4. Save the company settings

Exporting time data

  1. Go to the Time Tracking > Approve Hours report.
  2. You will now see an ADP export button. Click it to download a comma-delimited spreadsheet format that is suitable for ADP upload.

Field values

Here is how the system populates the columns of the .csv file:
  • Co Code: this is the field from Company Settings mentioned above.
  • Batch ID: this is a counter that increments by one each time you run the report.
  • File #: this is the "Payroll System ID" under each user profile (Admin > Manage Users)
  • First Name: your employee's name
  • Last Name: your employee's surname
  • Week: the week number of the year, beginning Jan 1
  • Temp Cost Number: this is the "Payroll System ID" under each location profile (Admin > Manage Locations)
  • Reg Hours: regular paid hours, rounded to two decimals.
  • O/T Hours: overtime (including double overtime) paid hours, rounded to two decimals.
  • Hours 3 Code: this value is determined by taking the first letter or first one or two digits in the description of the pay code. For example, if you want this to be "V" for vacation, your paycode description should begin with a V. To get a number code to appear here, add it to the front of your pay code description, e.g. "40 - Sick Leave". Pay codes are in Admin > Company Settings.
  • Hours 3 Amount: non-working hours (any time with a pay code that is marked as a non-working pay code), rounded to two decimals.
  • Reg Earnings: currently not used. We have user pay rates and could calculate this value, but we leave this calculation up to ADP.
  • O/T Earnings: currently not used for the same reason as above.
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