How do I set up pay codes?

Pay codes allow you to categorize time captured in Clean Smarts. Pay codes are helpful for running payroll. Many of our customers use pay codes to capture things such as sick time, vacation, or extra pay, but you could use pay codes to mark time as billable or non-billable or as a way of allocating time to specific projects.

Setting Up Pay Codes

  1. In the web app, navigate to Admin > Company Settings. Scroll down to "Timekeeping"
  2. Click "Add Pay Code" and enter a description. Mark whether the time is considered working time; working time will be counted toward the computation of overtime.

Setting Default Pay Codes

You can select a default pay code that applies to all shifts. This is done in Admin > Company Settings > Timekeeping. Any time captured will default to this pay code as it is recorded in Clean Smarts.

You can also set a default pay code for a specific shift. The default pay code for a shift will override the default pay code you may have set in Company Settings. You set the default pay code in the shift settings when you go to Admin > Manage Locations and click on the pencil icon for a particular location.

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