Step 6: Navigating "Company Settings"


For employees using smartphones to clock-in, you will likely utilize a Geofence in order to verify on-site clock-in. GPS position technology inside smartphones is not an exact science yet and some phones will be more precise than others so please be careful!

"Prevent users from checking in or out when outside the geofence" This will ensure cleaners are only able to clock-in when on site.
“Require users to turn on location services in order to check in and out.” Toggle this on so you can use the check-in information to verify an employee's location when the clock-in
“Default Geofence Radius” This should be set to at least .15 miles because of potential difficulties with precise locations.


“The Beginning of Workweek” This is for overtime purposes. Set that beginning of the workweek to the appropriate time for your company and consider double checking overtime laws in the state(s) you’re operating. 
“Allow employees to clock in and out while offline” Enables a cleaner without any phone service or wifi to clock-in. The time will be uploaded later when they have a signal again, and we recommend that you turn this on, depending on your company's needs. 
"Automatically clock employees out if they forget to clock out"

Limits the system from letting the clock run if an employee forgets to clock out. We recommend keeping this turned on. 

"Drive time"

you’ll see “Use estimated drive time” and “Use actual time.” We recommend using Estimated drive time and here’s why: If a cleaner takes a longer path to the next work site, goes home for a while, or anything of the sort, only the estimated drive time will be added to their timesheet. With actual time, anything they do in between will be added on to their time. 

“Pay Period” Simply adjust the frequency and days of the months according to your current operations. 

Skip the users, locations, issues, assets, and jobs sections following for the time being. —>

Standard Pay rates

You should nearly all the way at the bottom of the Company Settings page

“Change pay rates” Add your starting wage for each position you’d like, add a pay code for a certain type of shift if it is more, and anything else you need. For the sake of brevity, just add one or two so you can continue testing the system and come back later for the rest. 
“Tasks” Requiring cleaners to check off tasks can give you an idea how long it is taking each cleaner to accomplish a duty, giving you insight to the more efficient cleaners and giving data to find an average length of time for certain tasks. Effectively, gathering that data can help make business decisions and give better time estimates for jobs in the future. 
"Payroll Integration" Just add the payroll company you integrate with, click Submit Changes at the bottom and you’re good to go!

Feel free to leave the rest of the settings alone for now or test them out yourself! 

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